Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Gardener's Repast - sometimes

I've often observed that many garden fanatics don't have place to sit and relax and enjoy the view and soak up the fragrances and sunlight. I gardened for seven years as a fanatic vegetable and fruit gardener before I put in some places to sit.

They are large rounds of a tree with half of the back chained sawed off. After 25 years they still allow visitor to sit and enjoy two views of the garden. Now I’ve added two proper seats - Adirondack chairs - for visitors as I still don't sit in my garden that much. But when I have guests over we all relax in various chairs and benches. I like to let plants wander around my garden. If two people sit in these chairs, they must be careful to avoid the foxglove for one season - as it will soon go to seed.

Then there’s chairs as art. The overgrown-white chairs pictured here are from the eccentric garden of Maxine and Jeff. Mostly found objects fill their whimsical garden and the white chairs are for look only. The bench, however, is one of several that allow them to rest and enjoy the garden with friends. (Notice the seats to the right-for "show" only.)

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