Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gophers & Robins - who would have guessed?

Gophers love roots and moles love worms.

Robins also love worms. They all came together one year just about this time.

I was watching from my second-story window as a gopher bumped up against the concrete slab that is part of my patio. The gopher was pushing its mound of soil (a throw) against the concrete. A robin landed on top of the throw and ate worms as they appeared from below.

It was the vibration that sent the worms topside to an ugly death. This is not just a single weird occurrence. There are worm “hunters” in Florida that gather worms for fishing bait by “thumping”. They have a wide, long board which they insert into the soil. With a wooden mallet they strike the top of the board that’s sticking above the soil. A gradual, rhythmic “thumping” causes a vibration that in turn causes worms to come crawling out of the ground. This time to lure unsuspecting fish.

That gopher was the thumper for the robin.

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