Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Asian Bounty

There are dozens of types of Asian pear tree cultivars (varieties). I’ve grown six cultivars and tasted many others. Today I’m picking the one known as ‘Hosui’. In my small orchard, this fruit usually ripens late August or early September. So it’s right on time.

All Asian pears have the distinction of being crispy while ripe on tree. However, the fruit bruises very easily. This means it rarely shows up at a grocery store or even framers’ market in an appealing form. Ah, but not a problem for the home gardener (orchardist). The fruit can picked at its prime. Just gently lift the fruit, if the stems detaches with no pressure it’s time to harvest.

The ‘Housi’ is my favorite cultivar because as it ripens it produces a strong odor and subtle taste of brandy. This is unlike any other Asian Pear. A delight only home gardeners can appreciate. And the fall color offers another round of color to this special tree. [As seen to the right.]

Graft a scion[a stick of the variety you want to taste] onto an existing pear tree, or, more preferably another Asian pear tree. Enjoy the bounty , flavor, and fragrance in the second year.

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