Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drip Paraphernalia

It' time for tuning up & testing drip systems. If, gawd forbid, you have a a system with lots of punched-in emitters you'll need to carry around spare emitters, a punch, goof plugs & more. Use a box with lots of chambers like the sewing paraphernalia shown on the left. Or, boxes used for fishing hooks & gear or small tool boxes with transparent plastic covers. Although the sewing box is illustrated in my book, Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape & All Climates, you can skip most of these tiny, tedious parts by using in-line tubing where there are no emitters to break off, adjust, or repair. The in-line tubing in this patch of beans (on the right) is streamlined, easy to roll out, and you can never damage the internal emitter. With a two- to four-inch mulch layer over the tubing, you can walk or use a wheelbarrow on top of the tubing with no damage. Light folks can even step on the tubing without damage. Be sure to flush all lines before starting to use the system.


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