Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Egg-Beater Tree

An eccentric tree no doubt. I got carried away while pruning. (Actually, this is being cultivated by a person I haven’t met yet.) I like to call it the egg-beater tree. The winter deciduous shot of this London Plane tree shows all the limbs and the layout. The leafy version show why apical dominance has such a strong influence on tree growth. With more leaves at the top of each main “beater” the influence of apical dominance is revealed. The hormone forces new growth at the highest point of the bough/beater.


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mommypants13 said...

Wow, that is a really neat tree! Right now I am just working on training my peas.

Anonymous said...

I'd sure appreciate this shaping over the 4+ trees that comprise a solid, sunless, dark, tall sycamore canopy that keeps me raking and sneezing year round. The Planes here are also planted too close to house, pipes and hardscapes and keep the plumbing serviceman in business. They keep my yard so dark that I have to do plant moving, following the light, during tomato season. I think your artistic pruning is a step in the right direction.