Friday, June 18, 2010

Trees Bent Out of Shape, Actually the Right Way

Summer and many gardeners are planting trees. But what to do with wobbly trees after they are cut from the stake in the pot or B&B?

If it’s necessary to stake a new skinny-trunked transplant to keep it from flopping, the lower you tie the tree to the stake(s), the more the trunk will be able to flex and strengthen in the wind. To determine the best height for tying (a height which will allow flexing but not flopping), grab the trunk with your right hand near the top and gently bend the top over with your left hand. You’ll notice that the tree is able to return to an upright position. Move your right hand down the trunk and continue bending and releasing the top with your left hand. At a certain point, the top will stay flopped over and not regain its upright position. Tie the tree to the stakes at a point six inches higher than the last position of your right hand. From my book, Roots Demystified, Change Your Gardening Habits to Help Roots Thrive.


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