Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rant - Too long winded?

Some of my friends say I’m too long winded, that some of—if not all—of my blogs are too long. Well they might be right.

However, I might just proceed with some long blogs.

So, this is a short rant blog.

Why my longer blogs? Because I’m tired of cute little garden blogs that tell you what coffee they’re drinking while they putz around in their garden. It may be satisfying to them to “document” every little detail of their day, but it sure doesn’t give me much useful information as to what I might use in my own ornamental deer-resistant garden and fruit tree orchard.

Short blogs are like sound bites. Enough to capture one’s attention, but no real depth to expand what I might already know. It’s like what I’ve always told my friends—USA Today broke through as a successful newspaper because each article is no longer than the time it takes to read on the john each morning.

I will blog at various lengths as I proceed. But I will continue to give short or long blogs depending upon what I think the subject deserves so some real content (or opinion) is offered. If you’re too busy to read one of the longer blogs, that’s OK by me. It’ll still be available when you have the time.

Please post a comment - I want to know what you think.

Note: I somehow lost the usual section "Post a comment". To leave a comment, simply click on the area/button that says "___ Comments". Clicking on the title of a Post under "Blog Archive" also gets you to a view that gives the option of leaving a comment. I hope to figure this out soon. Robert

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mizduncan said...

Your long comments are your strength. Thanks for assuming that your readers want more than a sound bite. Your well-rounded and well thought-out rants are truly informative and often thought-provoking.